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Our offer:

Multivendor Service works as firstchoice partner in Europe to offer services, highly specialized,required by Fashion & Luxury market. Service Desk, active 7x24x365 day supports languages such as: English, French, Dutch and German with native language professionals. It uses our Dynamic Service Desk (DSD) system , that provides the posibility for every operators/technicians to work as a remote customer with all the functionalities expected, thanks to a Cloud Base infrastructure.
Annual incoming call 2019: 132.743.
Staging laboratry guarantees asset management and customised configurations of different devices.
Our storage and logistic structure guarantees shippings and installations in the whole Europe, both End Users and Retailers. Preconfigured Devices 2019: 61.233
Our European headquarters (NED,ITA,CH,FRA,UK) and our parteners asures the quality of services supply, both for support services and onsite services.

Retail Support
Our DSD proposes as SPOC ( Single Point Of Contact) and supports Store Manager and Sales Assistants for the SW, HW and application problems resolution, in short and efficient time. The aim is to guarantee the operational and functional continuity of the store and datas exchange.
User Support
Our DSD proposes as SPOC ( Single Point Of Contact) to support the headquarter users, to the SW, HW and applications problems resolution. Our experience in the field allow us to develop a service typology devoted to the top.
Devices Support
Workstation, Periperical, Smartphone, Smartwatch, Tablet, Bar Code scanner, Digital signage. Our DSD guarantees the Mobile Service Management daily management, through AIRWATCH console. It allows systems configuration through pre configured outlines, inventory, software/ configuration remoted cancellation and installation. It also realises numbers start up and systems guarantee through different thelephonic Carrier portal.
Special Events
We give specific attention to the special events management such as: new shops or headquarters opening, Pret a Porter organisation, Show Room and Special Sales Events, always with a qualified staff.

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Windows 7 – 8.1 – 10,    Ms Office,    Mail Client,    AS400 Emulator,   Acrobat Reader, Winzip / WinRar,   Antivirus,   Optional software


Business Intelligence
– Microstrategy
– Qlik View
– Piteco
– Intraweb
Human Resources
– Corporate Uniform
–  eLearning platform
–  Concur
–  Sharepoint (portali vari)
–  Presenze & Trasferte
Information Technology
–  Footprints Service Core (Service Desk Software)
–  Generic Documentation & Collaboration Portal
Retail Back Office
–  JDA
–  G1 Sourcing & Invoicing
–  X-Store Micros
–  Klienteling
– Items & Prices Look Up

Supply Chain
– Stealth
– Ape/Ars
– TxTSuite (TXTPlan, TXTDemand, PPAccessori)
– DropShipment web tool
– eLineLists
– FileMaker
– Silk Tecnical Cards
– Share
– PenPc
– SISC (ERP Microsoft)
– AS/400
– Stealth400
– Reflex