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Our offer:

Multivendor Service has an inner software house composed by a specialized staff in the realization of complex and personalized applications. Thanks to the confidence that our customers give us from over 20 years, we have developed solutions of analytics services, a platform of logistic management system Lambda, the CSM service desk askq and the suite askq 2.5.
Our technologic infrastructure uses trade leader instruments for the management of credentials, safety and data bases.
The platform is offered in Cloud o SaaS (Software as a service) guaranteeing to the client maximum flexibility in terms of control, maintenance and technological update.

– why MVS? Because using Analytics services our customers are able to solve in an efficient and economic way big business problems, reaching ambitious aims without obtain products, infrastructures and competences of difficult management. We have a professional staff dedicated to this services, displaced in house or at the customer.
Some analytics realizations:
– integration with systems presented in the business
– interfaces of communication between systems of different philosophy
– distributed web applications
– stand- alone applications
– plan of innovative solutions

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Application development