European Service Desk

European Service Desk2021-05-05T10:53:44+00:00

Our goal is to provide a single point of contact for all users of IT services

Our multilingual European Service Desk provides 7X24X365 service, and is organized on different levels to manage different types of requests.
The first level help desk prepared to answer the most common questions, and to provide assistance / solutions directly to the end user.
The second level help desk prepared to manage more complex interventions on CRM and vertical software, is organized with different working groups, each expert in its field.

In detail, the services of our European Service Desk:
❏ Centralized support service for the resolution of user problems
❏ Remote support on the use of hardware and software products
❏ Management and coordination of third parties
❏ Executive reporting
❏ Knowledge base creation
❏ Management of emergency calls through mobile networks
❏ Continuous training and qualification levels
❏ Qualified experience in the management of specific platforms and use of systems and applications
❏ 450,000 calls / year handled
❏ Over 75,000 users served
❏ Average waiting time: 15 sec.
❏ ISO 9001: 200 quality system
❏ 500 square meters of dedicated areas
❏ Cloud switchboard system for automatic routing of calls to preferential operators (ACD / IVR)